Surgeons and team work
Bejarano M

Original articles
Utility of the diagnostic tests in blunt cardiac trauma
Siado SA, Martínez-Montalvo CM, Osorio M, Gómez A, Jiménez HC

Resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta in patients in danger of hemorrhagic shock: experience in a Latin American trauma center
Meléndez JJ, Ordóñez CA, Parra MW, Orlas CP, Manzano-Núñez R, García AF, et al

Prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment of traumatic pulmonary injuries
Petrone P, Ruano-Campos A, Gendy A, Brathwaite CEM, Joseph DAK

Screening for mammary cancer in the state of Huila, Colombia
Olaya JG, Cardozo JA, Díaz SE, Sánchez R, Sanjuán J

Cancer of the digestive tract in young patients in the state of Cauca, Colombia, clinical typing
Cruz DF, Rojas A, Bastidas BE, Orozco-Chamorro CM

Management of imaging guided percutaneous drainage at a third level of care Colombian hospital
Ramírez J, Arroyave Y, Quilindo C, Romero T, Priarone C

Subject review article

Achalasia, a current view
Prieto RG, Prieto JE, Casas F, Ballén H

Technical details of double Roux-en-Y hepaticojejunostomy anasmosis based on a clinical case description
Pereira F, Venales Y, Salazar F

Case presentation
Ossification of the stylohyoid ligament as cause of severe neuropathic pain: Approach by the head and neck surgeon
Moreno A, Sánchez S, Flórez P, Pedraza M, Cabrera LF

Aorto-esophagic perforation, clinical and imaging diagnosis: Report of two cases managed by endovascular technique
Benítez E, Alfonso M, Lesmes MC, Barón V, Hernández Ó, Oliveros G

Acute perforated appendicitis secondary to a foreign body: Report of one case
Jiménez CH, Martínez CM, Maduro DA, Gonzalez JC, Suaza C

Letter to the Editor
Despite advances in the surgery of trauma, surgical management is still the most indicated approach in cases of penetrating cardiac wounds da Costa Medeiros BJ

In memoriam: Erix Emilio Bozón-Martínez
Abaúnza H

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