Revista de Cirugía: Contents, Volumen 18 No. 4


Limitation of clinical experience. An invitation to apply the rigor of the scientific method
Sanabria A.

Special article

Violence and surgery in Colombia.
Vélez H.

Surgical treatment of primary gastric lymphoma
Henao FJ., Jaramillo LF., Espitia EL.

Subject review

On the security of surgery: the surgeon factor
Franco A.

Original articles

Can we predict predict necrosis of the gallbladder?
Bejarano M.

Preperitoneal mesh inguinocrural hernioplasty
Grandas F., Carvajal A., Sánchez C., Espinosa C., Baene I., Acosta J., Celis C., Ortiz D.

Intestinal metaplasia of cardias with symptons of gastroesophageal reflux with or without esophagitis.´
Melguizo M.

Case report

Pneumatosis intestinalis
Flórez LE., García JF.

Letter to the editor

Autor index. Vol 18, January – December 2003
Subject index. Vol 18, January – December 2003
Contents index. Vol 18, January – December 2003

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