Revista de Cirugía: Contents, Volumen 18 No. 3


Ethics and surgical innovation
Arango L

Case reports

Gastric antral vascular ectasia. Laparoscopic antrectomy: a therapeutic alternative
Díaz J., Chaux C., Medina J.

Original articles

The Frey surgical technique for chronic pancreatitis
Castaño R., Ruiz M., Hoyos S., Puerta J.

Antioxidant and antiaggregant effects of red beans: a probable atheroprotector factor in the Latin American population
Ulloa JH., Ulloa J., Alam H.

Predictive factors of multiple organ failure in politraumatized patients in the post-surgical intensive care unit
Arias C., Uribe R., Oliveros H.

Laparoscopy in the diagnosis and management of acute abdomen of unknown origin
Quiroz F., Parra R., Jaramillo A.

Subject reviews

Severe hepatic trauma: management strategies
Fominaya R.


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