Revista de Cirugía: Contents, Volumen 27 No. 1


Recertification In surgery: program of periodic certification of updating in surgery
Borráez O

Special article

The clinical record: fundamental element in the patient-doctor encounter
Guzmán F, Arias CA

Original article

Antibiotic prophylaxis versus antimicrobial therapy in patients undergoing dental implants
Cepeda B, Riaño O, Durán G, Gasca I

Evidence-based total thyroidectomy, analysis of budgetary impact
Sanabria A, Gómez X, Domínguez LC, Vega V, Osorio C

Microbiology of community acquired secondary peritonitis at Clinica CES
Díaz S, Ríos D, Solórzano F, Calle CA, Penagos D, Matallana R, Martínez JD, Vanegas LF

Subject review

Hospital malnutrition: metabolic and nutritional support groups. Part one
Savino P

Surgical treatment of chronic mesenteric ischemia: Literature review and case presentation
Jiménez CE, Valencia A, Correa JR

Cystic neoplasmas of the pancreas
Álvarez LF, Mejía JC, Hoyos SI

Case presentation

Intestinal perforation by fish bone: literature review and report of two cases
Barragán C, Rueda JD, Espitia E, Uriza LF, Rosselli D

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