Revista de Cirugía: Contents, Volumen 25 No. 3


The medical language
Patiño JF

Special article

The definite in strategic planning, reverse planning, and clarity against transparency. Retrosoective view of my decisions
Riveros R

From classicism to minimalism and impressionism
Zundel N

Original articles

Validation of the Alvarado diagnostic scale in patients with abdominal pain suggesting appendicitis at a second level health care center
Sanabria Á, Mora M, Domínguez LC, Vega V, Osorio C

Are somatostatin and its analogues (octreotide and lanreotide) useful efficacy in the management of patients with enterocutaneous fistulae? Systematic literature review.
Domínguez LC, Sanabria ÁE, Vega V, Osorio C

Self-reflection article

On the diversion of false friends
Martínez-Ramos D

Subject review

Anatomoclinical correlation and acute inguinoscrotal conditions
Albornoz HA

Lingual thyroid. Subject review
Betancourt AF, Bonnet II , Benedetti-Padrón I, Sáenz JC

Case presentations

Sleeve pulmonary lobectomy. Case report and literature review
Velásquez M

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